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 (Four Year Terms Expire 2024) 



Supervisor: Dan Nutt (R) 
(231) 853-2015




Administrative: Assistant, Brooke VanHouten

Building and Zoning:  Dan Nutt
(231) 853-2015

Clerk: Rose Spoelman (D)
(231) 853-2015

Deputy Clerk: Brooke VanHouten

Treasurer: Sabra Guy
(231) 853-2015

Deputy Treasurer: Brooke VanHouten

Building Inspector: Michigan Township Services
(231) 865-3310

Assessor: Muskegon County Equalization
(231) 724-6386

Zoning Administrator: Michigan Township Services
(231) 865-3310

Anita Knapp (D)
Jake Tyers                    

Moorland Township Board of Trustees meets the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m.